Dec 02, 2022 By Priyanka Tomar Back

Bluetooth users BEWARE! Hackers may steal your data | Bluetooth and Cyber Attacks

Desktops, laptops, mobile phones, iPads, headphones, speakers all are Bluetooth enabled. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that helps us to use digital devices especially mobile while remaining hands-free. Mostly we leave Bluetooth on 24×7 but it should be activated, when necessary.

Bluetooth is being exploited by the hackers to hack our devices, steal data etc.

Bluebugging, Bluejacking, Bluesmack and BlueSnarfing Bluetooth attacks are the most common. Hackers create a backdoor on your phone or laptop and take control of your Bluetooth completely to access all of the data available on your device.

Once device is infiltrated, hackers can listen your calls, read texts and even they may get OTP that you use to access various online facilities such as banking, shopping etc.

Preventive Tips

  • Turn off Bluetooth, if not using
  • Never accept device pairing requests from unknown people/devices
  • If you have Bluetooth speaker, update firmware
  • If you make phone calls from your car, switch off Bluetooth before getting out from the car
  • Use paid VPN